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Dental Hygiene at The Dentistry

Your last visit to the dentist was likely for a routine checkup. Why are they so important? Having preventative care means that we can quickly identify, then treat any potential issues such as tooth decay, soft tissue or gum disease and other common dental problems. By catching it in the early stages, you’ll save time and money.

Staying on Top of Your Oral Health

Much like your car requires oil changes periodically, your teeth are subject to wear and tear and require maintenance. At The Dentistry, we have a a Dentist Hygienist on our team to assist with your oral health, your routine examinations include:

  • Icon Toothpaste and BrushThorough cleaning – We’ll remove plaque, stains and tartar. These cleanings will prevent major dental problems.
  • Soft tissue evaluation – With eyes and fingers, we’ll carefully detect changes in the soft tissues of your mouth, ensuring there are no precancerous signs.
  • Periodontal screening – Your gums are checked for signs of gum disease that may be present.
  • Evaluation of each tooth – We’ll look at every facet of each tooth to ensure your oral health, including restorations.
  • X-rays – It may be necessary to take images that look between teeth and under the gum line.

How Often Do I Need to Come In?

The frequency of your hygiene checkups will depend entirely on your particular situation. We’ll look at your health history, current level of oral health and what your goals are, making the appropriate recommendations. Generally, our patients see us every six months.

If you’re at an increased risk of getting oral diseases or have pre-existing health conditions that can affect your mouth and teeth, we may discuss more frequent visits with you.

Contact us today to book a time for hygiene in Macquarie St! We’re preferred providers for Medibank, BUPA and CBHS.

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