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Teeth Whitening in Macquarie St

Dr Miller and patientA brilliant, megawatt smile isn’t just for celebrities. With various teeth whitening options available, you too can boost your appearance and beam brighter. Perhaps your teeth are stained as a result of coffee, wine or prescription medications. While many people purchase whitening strips or gels from the pharmacy our office whitening procedure yields better results, and in only a fraction of the time.

Is Whitening Right for You?

When it comes to teeth whitening (bleaching), it’s always best to begin in our office. We can advise you on whether you are a good candidate for this cosmetic procedure. Those with yellowish teeth typically have better results than individuals with brownish or grayish hues. Also, whiteners have no effect on tooth-colored composite fillings or teeth that are bonded, so whitening will only make these teeth stand out from the ones that do whiten.

Are In-office Procedures Better Than At-home Ones?

Here at The Dentistry we use the Opalescence Boost system. This in office treatment usually takes an hour and the results are immediate and dazzling. Your teeth can look up to 10 shades lighter. After ensuring that the gums and soft tissues are well protected, a professional strength solution is then carefully applied.

Our office also offers the Novon Enhanced Formula home whitening system along with custom-made whitening trays The take-home system offers long lasting tooth whitening in as little as 30 minutes a day. The home system also gives patients the option to touch up whitening in the future and additional Novon enhanced formula is available for purchase from The Dentistry.

What About Tooth Sensitivity?

It’s true that some people experience tooth sensitivity after using bleaching agents. Fortunately, this effect is usually temporary and goes away after completion of the whitening process. Others may feel that their gums are irritated, particularly when the bleaching tray is not custom-created and the gums come in contact with the bleaching agent. This highlights the importance of having your dentist help you to choose the most suitable whitening system for you. All of the whitening trays The Dentistry provides are all custom fit to each individual patient.

Can I Go Overboard on Bleaching?

Yes! More is not always better. Bleaching can become a habit for some people who never think that their teeth are white enough. Excessive whitening is dangerous because too much exposure to hydrogen peroxide may cause the tooth enamel to demineralize and appear translucent. The result is increased teeth and gum sensitivity and irritation.

If you’d like to brighten your smile, schedule an appointment with The Dentistry in Macquarie St today!

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